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Video marketing for different platforms PT 1

As a digital marketing agency, research and trial and error show that video marketing is one of the best ways to engage with customers and clients and grow a following. It might be because video marketing is engaging, quick and simple way to get information out to the public without having to sit down and read a 600 word blog.

Video marketing can help with the following marketing elements:

  • Boosting conversions
  • Lead generation
  • Possibly bigger ROI
  • Keeping Google happy (optimized, creative and quality content)
  • Is more mobile friendly
  • Explains large amounts of information in shorts spurts
  • Encourages others to share content

Utilizing the right video marketing tips for several different social media platforms could bring any of the benefits listed above to your business! These are the top social media platforms for video marketing.


A study on Instagram engagement showed that video posts receive twice the amount of engagement as any other posts on the platform. Instagram now offers multiple different video options including: Stories, IGTV, Live  and the ability to post longer videos on the platform. All of this content and video marketing should be capitalized on for any business out there. The best video marketing tips for Instagram:

  • Create content that relates to the target audience. This goes for everyday Instagram posts and video marketing content.
  • Promote products and services. What makes your company special compared to the rest?
  • Stories and IGTV give businesses the ability to reach a larger target audience with free video marketing tools. Take current and new customers behind the scenes of the everyday operations going on. Connect, share and engage with the audience all through video.
  • Don’t forget about Instagram Live! Have an event, new product launch or something else going on that’s exciting. Don’t wait to post it weeks later, go live, show the audience what is happening!

Any business who records their IGTV beforehand (which is recommended) needs to make sure that the video is the right size. Make sure the video is MP4 format with the Instagram default settings of 1080X1350. Finally, make sure the image is vertical. From IG stories to IGTV, another platform out there is tweeting short clips of videos with great engagement. 


In 2016, videos view on Twitter views grew over 220 times what was anticipated, in just 12 months. With videos on Twitter, short and right to the point often works the best. The videos can not be any longer than 16 seconds and must be uploaded in MP4 format; otherwise, the tweet will never send out.

With Twitter, the social media platforms offers some of the same features as Instagram but on a shorter scale. Twitter offers native videos, live videos and is a great place for GIFs. These are the best video marketing tips for Twitter:

  • The best videos for Twitter are native videos. These videos automatically play the moment the users stops scrolling on this video.
  • Any existing video can be condensed to be used for video marketing
  • Periscope allows for businesses to start going live for behind the scene moments, new features and products, special events and more.
  • An image is engaging, video is engaging and GIFs are the best of both worlds. A GIF is a image that moves for a split second. GIFs are highly shareable content that often catches the eye of users. The right GIF can get great engagement. A creative, never before seen one is even better.
  • Another hack with GIFs, cut long video content into GIFs. This uses all video that was shot and follows the notion behind short to the point videos. 

The next platform isn’t actually a social media platform at all, but one of the most important video marketing strategies that can be put into place.


(Yes, we know, YouTube is not considered “social media” but it’s the largest streaming platform out there.) Next to Google, YouTube is second largest search engine out there. There are billions of videos on this platform and it makes it accessible for businesses to easily share content onto social media platforms. Just like every other social media platform, YouTube is free and with the right video marketing, can increase engagement, leads, ROI and more.

  • The average length of a YouTube video is about four minutes and 20 seconds. This is because viewers can find videos based on duration. If the video is engaging and great content, there is a chance that viewers will stay longer but the average length is probably the best place to stay.
  • The best part about YouTube is a video can be as long as anyone wants. This can also be one of the biggest issues.
  • Call in an expert to optimize tags, search engine optimization and descriptions. With so many videos on the streaming platforms, it’s essential to optimize videos to get the most views and search engine optimization strategies can possibly help with this.

These are just three great places for businesses to start integrating video marketing strategies into their everyday marketing plans.

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