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What you need for website credibility

Only about 53 percent of adults in the U.S. reported they trust online information. The same study reveals, 56 percent feel the same way worldwide.  When so few trust the internet, it can be hard to get customers on  your website.

Your business’s website represents your company. All potential customers come to your website for different purposes.  At OMG Austin, customers come for web development to digital marketing strategies.

Credibility is a decisive factor behind potential customers using your product or service! Are you knowledgeable in your field? Do you provide great information?

The importance of your website’s credibility is the point between having potential customers staying or leaving. There are simple fixes to curb the factors hurting  your trustworthiness.

Google’s perception of your website

If you can step back and look at your website like Google does, you will probably find some areas needing updates. Once you create a website, Google will eventually find it.

This is all done with Googlebot. You always want to make sure to follow the newest Google algorithm updates, processes and other tactics so the search engine  will crawl your website and add it to the index.

From here, a number of strategies come into play like SEO. Add metadata, descriptions, keywords, backlinks and more SEO strategies.

This is all done by an Austin web development and SEO team working together.

The website design

If your website is unappealing, you could lose credibility. This is called visceral experience. Visceral experience is a reaction of immediate, powerful reaction to the design. The credibility can be ruined with layout, text and other function of the website.

Do you know if your website is repelling traffic and hard to navigate? We can offer a solution at OMG Austin.

Our team of Austin web development can easily give your users the best UX/UI experience and enhance your credibility.

A social media presence

The benefits of your company being on social media is endless and range from brand awareness to an increase in ROI and sales! Furthermore, the  biggest reason to be on social media is to gain trust and credibility.

A vital trust between clients and customers has grown with social media. A social presence increases your credibility with your clients and potential ones as well.

This shows a list of customers, clients and brands who also associate with your business. This can be beneficial  on your end!

Testimonials and customer reviews

No matter the service or product line you offer, you want customer reviews and testimonials. Why does this matter so much?

This shows potential customers and clients real statement from other people.

As Search Engine Land states, “88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation.”

Stick with real testimonials and customer reviews as well. A fake review destroys any credibility with potential clients and customers.

Blogging strategies

It might appear blogging often is an easy digital marketing strategy.

The opposite is true. Consider content curation, research and writing the blog. A relevant and current blog lends credibility from customers and clients.

An updated blog gets you noticed and puts you in the position to the be the expert  in a particular field or service!

At OMG Austin, we understand the importance of website credibility! In a world of information overload, it can be hard to have potential clients or customers trust you.

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