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Why your business needs a blog!

A blog is a key strategy in digital marketing. Why is this? A blog shows that  your company is active and alive! Any digital marketing company understands the importance of a blog.  In the marketing world, it’s one of the most significant aspects of digital marketing. In fact, it’s difficult to find a website without a blog section.

The importance of a blog in digital marketing

As a business owner, you’ll need to regularly update your website, and there's no better way of doing that, than posting new blogs weekly. Adding more content to your website will attract different search engines, thereby increasing traffic to your site. Just pay attention to the keywords in your content to ensure a higher ranking.

Blogs are a great way of expressing your concerns and interests. Regularly posting new content will project you as an industry leader. Showcase your skills, knowledge and the concern you have for your customers through your blogs. Allow your customers to be better informed of the industry and the emerging trends.

Blogging shows you are open to feedback and comments. It shows that your business knows what your prospects think and that their insight is valuable to your business. Your customers will appreciate when you are trying to connect to them. Respond to their comments and reviews to provide them with a personalized feel.

Are you active? 

A weekly blog shows that your business is alive and well! You will have higher chances of being remembered by potential clients if they are looking to buy your product. Also, clients can come to your website for industry news. The more content you have, the more leads you will get, and more leads means more chances for conversion.

Be friends with Google 

You always want to make Google search engine happy! Google loves new, unique content. A well-written blog can drive traffic. You can post its link on social media or provide inbound links to specific website pages.

Posting blogs comprised of the latest news will ensure better visibility on your site. Blogs will also aid in search engine optimization through the use of relevant keywords. Blogs and SEO strategies are interrelated and are significant for today's business.

SEO and blogs

A blog isn’t just a random idea, a blog is generally crafted with keywords in mind. Blogs with the right keywords will rank your page higher on search engines. Keywords are the important strategy that is commonly used when looking for a product or service. When your blog contains these keywords, Google will crawl for websites with those keywords.

If you have implemented the right ones, over time, you will rank higher and higher in the search engine! Who knows, you might get to the first page faster. When that happens, you know your blogs are 'optimized' for the search engine.

Make sure you are posting your blogs on your existing website in a user friendly way! I’s simple, add a blog category to your website that will direct customers and clinics to this page.  Use appropriate keywords for better visibility and the right blogging strategies. Leave this to the digital marketing Austin experts at OMG Austin!

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