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The work behind SEO strategies

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you want people to buy your products. It’s a given. So, you build a website, run a PPC advertising, try out keywords, digital marketing and other strategies. You are getting visitors, but are they the audience you want?

It is not always about traffic volume , but getting the right visitors to your website, web application and social media sites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  is all about honing in on your target audience. SEO strategies bring the RIGHT potential clients to your website. It’s a time consuming strategy.

The strategies every company needs begin  with an Austin SEO company like OMG Austin to target the right demographics. Let us do all the heavy typing and research.

Research, research, and more research

Keywords are the major boosters of your SEO ranking. No secret.

While they increase  your SEO rankings, there is a considerable amount of work that goes behind getting your website at  the top of Google’s search engine.

This is why you need to make sure your keywords are well-tagged, relevant and user-friendly. A common question at OMG Austin we hear is, “How long will it take to rank?” Our Austin SEO experts suggest at least a year before you see any major growth.

A backlink strategy

A great example of backlinking is a product company in the fitness industry, you might be selling the best protein around. Add backlinks to the specific page of where this protein is sold from and you’ve created landing pages.  

Here’s the problem with DIY backlinks: Google could penalize your site  and send it into a Google blackhole forever! This search engine  is looking for unnatural backlinks and ones that lead to spam.

Once you get enough alerts, you will be blacklisted and never rank again for this word. Get enough warnings and  your entire website is done.

Stay updated

Another big no-no? Get  keywords in place and forget about them! Check, stay current and keep watching.

This is a common mistake for people who set up keywords and never hire an Austin SEO company to monitor  them and keep updated.

The future of digital marketing and SEO is changing constantly. The biggest change to hit the market this year is  voice search.

By 2019,  it is estimated that the voice recognition market will be a $601 million industry.  Another interesting statistic: 55 percent of households will use voice recognition technology by 2020.

 Google Home and Alexa are not going to wait until you optimize your SEO and digital marketing strategy with voice search.

Read our blog on the why you need to optimize SEO strategies for voice search.

The world of SEO can be a fine line between the right strategies and completely messing everything up. It is simple, let us do it so you your company can thrive. It is always easier to blame someone else anyway!

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