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A website or web application- which one do you need?

Everyone knows what a website is, right! On Google, you typed “best happy hour in austin,” and a list of different websites came right up. Beware, just because you searched for something on there and it pops up does not mean it is a website. This is where web applications come into play here.

The difference between the two?

For the average everyday person there is no difference. You search for Facebook, Instagram or other web applications on your desktop or laptop and it looks like a website. Behind the scenes, Austin web development understands the difference between the two.

A website is how you search for information on Google Search Engine and a web application needs someone to interact and upload content and often changes - even  daily!


A website is where you go for information. You wonder, “What is this weird thing on my foot?”

A concerned person goes to this website to learn more information, reads some articles and then calls the doctor. There is little interactivity on a website.

A customer comes to your website to learn about a product and possibly buy said product from you. A great example is when a person visits your site weekly or daily.

We post the informative and exciting blog that day about a number of topics. You then read the topics of  interests to you, search some more and then leave or call us for help with your business.

Web Application

The things online that make your life easier are typically web application: booking a trip, Yelp, pay for travel insurance, buying a product, social media and more.

A great example of this is Instagram. If you go to Google Search Engine and search for Instagram the web application will pop up.

Instagram is a social media application. Yes, it is possible for a social media application to be a web application as well.

Instagram is constantly changing every couple of minutes from content being saturated on this web application. So, the best thing for Instagram is to be a web application.

Can you imagine an Austin web development team trying to do that on a website?

Which one do you need?

This all depends on your business and your needs. In the digital world, it is hard to know the difference between the two and if customers are engaging and buying products, you’ll probably want a web app.

Sounds confusing? It is understandable. It seems like everything would just be a website on the Internet.

This is why Austin web development is here for your business. It could be disastrous for you to pay for a web application and in reality merely need a website.

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