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How bad SEO is sabotaging your business

Any Austin SEO expert understands that implementing the right search engine optimization strategy is critical for a business. There are several reasons that SEO is important from creating trust and credibility with the rest of the internet to getting your website to rank on the first page of Google search engine.

A business or company wants to be the best of the best, but could the wrong SEO strategy be sabotaging your business? This is how bad SEO practices in place are sabotaging your website more than helping it. Take it from the austin seo experts, don’t do these bad practices.

Keyword stuffing

The basic understanding of SEO is that it uses certain keywords with backlinking that starts to rank these pages of the website higher in search engines. Great, this is the very basic understanding of what an Austin SEO expert is working on with your SEO strategy.

However, one strategy that will be self sabotaging is keyword stuffing. This is taking several keywords and using them as many times as possible in website content. This could mean a couple of keywords are used up to 10 times or even more. Now, at first, this might work for a website; however, Google will start to catch on that you’re stuffing your website pages with keywords. What does this mean? Blacklisting.

Making pages compete with one another 

This can be called “keyword cannibalisation.” This means that more than one page has the same or similar keywords being targeted. When this happens, this can make internal website pages compete against one another in Google. There are several issues with this.

  1. You’re competing with yourself. It’s silly. Save the competition with the ACTUAL competition.

  2. This is a bad SEO tactic. This is what every SEO expert will advise a business not to do.

  3. This messes with all of the backlinking and SERP work that has been done behind the scenes.

  4. All the landing page SEM and SEO work just was done for nothing.

Eventually, this will cause one page to start outranking others that it should not be.

Where is your website?

There is a common misconception that once a website it built that Google will find it, that’s not necessarily true. It’s critical to implement an SEO strategy so that Google can find and rank your website. The keywords, backlinking, and other components of an SEO strategy that are implemented by Austin SEO experts helps to slowly rank your website in search engines; without it, a business has launched a website that might never rank!

Misusing landing pages  

A landing page is the perfect place for PPC ads, SEO and SEM strategies, running campaigns, email marketing campaigns and even more. Misusing a landing page or the wrong SEO strategy are basically done for nothing. Google will not find the page, it will not rank and do as good because of bad habits which could ultimately stop lead gens.

Duplicate content

Google will crawl the pages on your website, when it finds the same content, it will flag this page. How does duplicate content happen? With open forms, ecommerce stores and when launching a website without changing website content. With content, there is a behind the scene strategy going on that most are unaware of, backlinking!

Wrong backlinking

There is a right way to backlink and there is a wrong way. The wrong way is taking “spammy” backlinks and adding these links into your website content that is optimized for search engine. This is considered as “black hat” search engine strategies. This is how Google deems a website is trying to cheat their way to the first page. The issues with this is that it goes against with Google’s guidelines set in place; in return, Google will drop your ranking and can even blacklist a website. Once a website is blacklisted, this means the domain name, URLs and everything is gone! A business HAS to start all over again.

At OMG Austin, our Austin SEO experts HIGHLY suggest against the wrong SEO strategy for any business. Furthermore, never DIY SEO.  At the end of the day, it’s just sabotaging the business itself and not doing any good.

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