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Business goals for 2019

It’s officially a new year! Welcome to 2019. There are so many new trends, topics and ideas changing the landscape of digital marketing, search engine optimization, web design and development!

As a leading digital marketing Austin agency, it’s our job to stay on top of all trending topics, discussions, changes in digital marketing and more. As a business in the Austin community, we have set business goals to keep us motivated and excited for the next year. Our employees have personal goals for themselves and as a whole we have goals for the business!

These are some business goals any small, medium or large company can set for themselves in 2019.

Set up SMART goals:

It’s important to set goals, but set them with the right intentions. This is where SMART goals comes into action. This is an acronyms for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-Based

It’s important to set specific goals for your business. You might say, “We want to sell more products and services.” That’s great, but start thinking specific. “We want to sell over 2,000 of our newest products in 2019.” There ya go. The more specific the better.

From there, make sure it can be measured. If you want to expand and sell more products, how can you measure this growth and achieve it? You can add Google Analytics to your website to track the amount of people going to your new products. You can add search engine optimization strategies to increase ranking in Google and the amount of website traffic. This is something a digital marketing Austin agency can help you with.

Make sure they’re achievable. It’s important to dream big, but remember to be realistic. If you know the most products you’ve ever sold is significantly lower than 2,000, then it might not be achievable. (Debbie downer, we know.) However, this goal could be achievable with the right ideas and services set in place.

The next thing is relevance. Is this product relevant to the current target audience and customers you’re currently serving. A product that isn’t going to work for your shoppers and buyers might not be the best option.

It’s important to know when to put your products on the market. A grill can go on the market early Spring and into the fall. There can be a sale in Winter, but most likely, the only time in Winter a spike will occur is the holidays. It’s important to understand the market you're in and the perfect timing.

These are goals your business can set up using the SMART acronym and methodology!

Goals to set

We’re all guilty of it, the new year the new goals. However, Forbes Coaches Council suggest that businesses and professionals should realistically wait to set goals 90 days into the new year. This is because everyone is so ready to start with a fresh new start, outlook, business goals and ideas that seem to fade as the month of January goes on.

At OMG Austin, we recommend setting SMART goals as soon as you want! Who says you’ll lose motivation before February hits?! We recommend the following business goals:

Revisit procedures and processes

The new year brings new challenges. It’s time to visit your procedures and processes again. Speak with your current employees on things that can be changed for the better or eliminate unnecessary processes that can improve the workflow of employees.

Keep the moto, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” in 2018. You took a chance to start a business, got successful, now keep it going! A growing staff, department, new company handbook, rules, etc. all need to be reviewed, analyzed and keep growing and helping the culture of the company.

Improve culture

The culture of a company is SO important to the younger generations. A place that feels welcoming, fun and encouraging. “If you’re not the best option for your employees, they will find a better one,” states Ryan Stewman from Break Free Academy. The core values of your company need to align with your employees. It’s important to maintain those values and beliefs while improving the overall company culture.

Improve on building and growing relationships

A business is only as successful as the growing number show. It’s important to keep fostering and growing those current relationships with customers and clients and learn how to expand on new business and grow those relationships.

Revisit that five year plan

What was your five year plan a couple years ago? Are you on track? If not, what can you improve upon and work on in 2019.


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