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Common website development myths, debunked!

At OMG Austin, we’ve heard all the myths out there about website development Austin, Texas! As a company, we are here to say don’t fall trap to these myths. A website is one of the most important aspects in a business. Let’s debunk those common myths.

Myth: Once it’s completed, that’s it.

Debunked: It needs updates, design features and more

The Trajectory gives a great example of a website: think of it as a magazine. One of the biggest myths is that once a website is up and running, it’s good. The opposite it true, websites need continuous updates from Google and maintenance to make sure all pages are working correctly.

A website is like a magazine because once a month or bi-weekly a new addition comes out. This new addition features the latest in several industries and key topics of conversation. Think of your website as a magazine: you’ll want maintenance and updates done to keep up to date with the competition.  

Myth: Anyone can build a website

Debunked: Only professionals should build a website

This is one of the BIGGEST myths faced at OMG Austin, everyone is a web developer now-a-days. Our lead developer explains that with Wix, SquareSpace and other DIY website and app development companies allows the general public to think anyone can build a website. The experience of “building” their own website with a mindset of picking a template, adding some images, a logo and inserting some content is all a website is.

WHO DO YOU THINK DEVELOPED THEIR WEBSITE?! It wasn’t a marketer. It wasn’t the average Joe. It was someone with computer programming experience.

In reality, a website isn’t a click and point process. There are hours spent on designing, coding, and testing behind the scenes. There’s also the issue of security. A website you build yourself will likely not have the proper security measures set in place. This leaves a website vulnerable to hacks.

Myth: The more the better

Debunked: Less is always more

Another myth that any website development Austin, Texas company wants clients to understand is that less really is more. Often times, clients come in with extravagant website ideas, which can be wonderful, but most of the time it’s not needed. At OMG Austin, we often try to let clients know that the more features, pages and animations., aren’t always the best idea and won’t guarantee traffic.

Myth: There isn’t a need for SEO

Debunked: You need SEO

This hurts you, this hurts website developers and this hurts digital marketers. There is this misunderstanding that once a website is built, that the traffic will start coming in. On the contrary, this is the exact opposite of what will happen. A website that’s not optimized for search will hide in the Google search engine shadows waiting for its day to be found.

Yes, it does sound like a bad children’s movie. Yes, it’s the truth.

Myth: A website should be cheap

Debunked: A website is hard work that doesn’t come free or cheap

Finally, the best one for last, that a website should be cheap. Sure, a website can be cheap but more than likely you won’t get what you want. There will be errors, it can be slow and it could be nothing you wanted. A website is a labor of love for everyone involved.

A website worth while will be worth the money and a long-term investment. From the concept phase to QA testing a website can take a month or longer. This means hours of coding, concepts, project management, client meetings and more all go into this one website. Trust the website development Austin, Texas team and business, it’s worth the investment.


Don’t fall for the myths out there about websites. A great creative management agency like OMG Austin for all your digital needs from website development to digital marketing.

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