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Food truck 101: website and marketing

There are over 1,000 food trucks in Austin, Texas! Just like any other business out there, it’s often debated if a website is needed for this niche industry. 80 percent of people look up a restaurant online prior to dining there. This means the community and customers are checking out your website and social media before deciding on your establishment.


For a restaurant on wheels, it’s even more vital to have an online presence with a website and digital marketing strategies set in place.

Central hub for information

For most food truck businesses, there isn’t one central location for the truck to park and sell their product. The food trucks at the Picnic in Austin , however, are a special case thanks to the community and city wanting to support local businesses as much as possible.

A website is important for customers to know who your food truck is, and more specifically, what kind of food are your selling? Because a food truck is smaller than a traditional brick and mortar restaurant, most food trucks specialize in certain cuisines that they can rock at! So, what cuisines does your food truck rock at? Let everyone know.

Assure the community you’re a trustworthy business. A large part of being a local business is letting customers and patrons know your business is transparent and appreciative of your loyal patrons.

For other restaurants on wheels, a large part of business is informing customers of your location every day!!

Digital marketing

For any restaurant, especially a food truck, digital marketing strategies are crucial for the business. The first reason is simple. Location!

For good practice, food trucks should post pictures of new menu items, daily lunch specials, new promotions and geo-tag their location.

Geo-tagging is essentially a form of geographical metadata given to images, videos and websites. Geo-tagging gives the ability for anyone to search that specific location on social media.

Get the word out there about the events, concerts, private events your food truck is operating at. Local events not only help with businesses, but entice brand loyalty. A couple of great events can get you more social media following and help with old school word-of-mouth.

In the unlikely event your truck location fell through before lunch, digital marketing lets everyone know where your new location is. This will help with hangry customers and just might bring in a new crowd in your new location.

Who is your target audience? 69 percent of millennials are taking pictures of their food before they consume it! What will you be known for on Instagram? The best BBQ, the best drinks or the best prices? Let millennials and others help you with marketing, create a brand awareness and always let everyone know where you are located.

As any food truck can see, the need for digital marketing and a website is essential for the business to be successful! Let the community know where you’re located and what your specialty cuisines are with the right website and marketing plans.

For more information on marketing, search engine optimization, website design and development call the professionals today!

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