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Micromarketing strategies

Micromarketing in Austin, Texas

A “new” marketing trend is one that answers the questions future patrons and customers are thinking about, but they don’t even realize it. The moment they see an ad and take action, this marketing process is involved from beginning to end. It’s digital marketing, but honing in on a specific target audience called, micromarketing.

What are micro-moments?

There are these moments in life right before you make a decision, these are micro-moments. These moments all lead up to one decision you’ll stick with. In the business world, this means that you’ll be purchasing or using their services that are provided. These moments are: I want-to-know moments, I want-to-go moments, I want-to-do moments and I want to-buy moments and all of these are what really matters with consumers. These moments are what make or break a brand.

How does this happen? A great example is the need or want to learn more. You go to your phone, open Google and start exploring the millions of articles and businesses out there. These are the exact moments that shape buyers decision-making skills.

This infographic from Google marketing shows the exact moments all of these decision happen:

The success of a brand is with these exact moments. So, with that, what strategies should be set in place?

How it works with digital marketing efforts

Studies are now showing that 96% of users reach for their smartphones during these moments. Besides, people are twice as likely to use mobile search than other online or offline sources such as store visits and social media.  

How do you appear in their search to “want-to-know” more, “want-to-do” action moments, “want-to-go” moments that push them to take action and “want-to-buy” moment of them making the final purchase.

Let’s use an example:

Your business:
A restaurant located in downtown, Austin.

Your audience: the local Austin community/ Millennials/ Families

How are you going to get more people to come to your restaurant with your website, SEO strategies and social media in place?

Your campaign:

You would promote your daily specials, happy hour menu, times, menu, coupons and other special you offer on social media. You know your food is better than the restaurant down the street, show them how.

What will make them “want-to-buy” your food over the competition? A great strategy is with an Instagram account. There are 100,000 and more post for food images in just Austin, Texas alone.

The “want-to-know” more decision is based on your social media presence. They saw an ad on Facebook, Instagram or other platforms. Also, this can happen by word of mouth. The next step they’ll take is “want-to-go” moment. Checking out your website then going to your restaurant and seeing if the hype is worth it all. Finally, the final moment happens where the customer will purchase your food. What will they think? Will they be coming back? Did your brand have a positive impact on them?

All of these questions and moments are what is happening in the moments before a patron decide to go to your restaurant over another one. All of this will impact your business.

The right marketing strategies and branding can help move patrons and future customers to always take the “want-to-buy” moment.

The most important micromarketing element out there is figuring out the moments between all of these actions and questions and getting to the final result. How is this possible? A website presence and digital marketing strategies.

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