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43 percent of people admit to skimming blog posts! A blog is a vital part of your business’s online presence and digital marketing strategies. A blog shows potential clients and customers that your business or company is an industry leader, active, knowledgeable and credible in your industry.

If you currently have a blog, make sure you’re promoting it! This can help the business grow, increase sales, create brand awareness and more. Yes, all of this from a weekly blog post! You can use a digital marketing agency Austin for blog promotion services.

Social media

This is an easy, free and efficient way to promote your blog every week! The best thing to do is promote your blog on ALL of your social media platforms, but tailor them for each one.

Twitter needs hashtags, short and precise caption. Facebook and LinkedIn calls for more information and a possible video. Instagram needs hashtags, a great image and the link in your bio. There are a couple of tips for promoting your blog on social media:

  • Add the blog link in the post
  • Schedule the post
  • Post at the “right” time of day

Not sure when you post the blog to get the most traffic? We have the blog promotion services and tool to do this for you.


Stop blogging strategies from 2010, this is 2018 and a lot has changed over the last few years. A top strategy for your blog is using keywords strategically inside the blog itself.

The right keywords in your blog can rank you above your competition. As a leading digital marketing agency Austin, we can start your SEO strategies for you with the right keywords. You want to craft your blog around the best keywords.

Hiring OMG Austin

Does your business not have time for a weekly updated blog or digital marketing strategies? The best option is to hire a digital marketing agency Austin company like OMG Austin! Each and every week, a blog will be written and published to your website. This blog will deal with the latest news in your industry.

From there, we take your blog and promote it on your social media accounts that we have strategy picked out for your business depending on your industry. It’s a social media science.

Email marketing

Over 74 trillion emails are sent every year and over 281 billion emails have been sent per day in 2018. An excellent way to promote your blog is with email marketing.

You can send your normal email to your customers and clients, but add the blog information inside this email! Once the blog is published and shared on social media, you can take that message and use it in your email marketing.

This is a simple way to for blog promotion services without any extra work.

This will keep your subscribers up to date with your blog and show your credibility in your industry.

Industry leader for information

Your business wants to be the industry leader. No matter if you’re selling shoes, toys, clothes, services or anything else, be the business to get the latest information from.  Consistent blogs show you are active and credible. Blogs are a legitimate source of news and information from industry experts to readers.

At OMG Austin, we can get your digital marketing strategies started or help you continue them! For more information, give us a call.

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