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Search engine optimization and social media

In the digital world, often times digital marketers dabble in SEO strategies and social media management. It makes sense at the end of the day! Without a proper SEO strategy and using social to help with brand awareness, website traffic, lead gen and even more it would not be as successful and vice versa! 

Our Austin SEO monsters are here to explain how SEO and social media work together! It is kind of like peanut butter and jelly! 

Website traffic

Any Austin SEO expert will tell you that social media marketing can help to increase website traffic. How is this possible? When a social media post is created by our digital marketing experts, the corresponding URL is attached with the content. 

This social media post is published out on the correct platforms whether that is Twitter or Facebook. This keeps your current audience updated in the process of trying to reach others that are in your target audience. 

Helps ranking

Now, Google states that social media does not help rank higher in its search engine which makes sense, but there is a correlation with quality content being shared and rankings. Hang in there, our Austin SEO experts will explain this with a direct quote from search. 

As Rebooting Ranking Factors White Paper states, “The correlation between social signals and ranking position is extremely high, and the number of social signals per landing page has remained constant when compared with the values from last year’s whitepaper. The top-ranked websites in Google’s ranking displays vastly more social signals than all other pages.” 

Social media profiles are not just confined to Facebook or Twitter. These profiles will show up in search engines as well. A great example is searching OMG Austin in Google. The first thing that shows up is our website and as you can see, the next results are some of our social profiles. 

This helps with visibility which can ultimately help increase website traffic, reach a larger audience and help with local search!  

Reach a larger audience 

One of the best parts about the right social media marketing strategies is that it helps to reach a larger audience, and the right SEO strategies also does the same thing! It is important to reach your audience on a local and national level. 

Social platforms unique search engines 

At OMG Austin, we are not saying that Facebook is a search engine but think of it as its own unique search engine. If you search for a business on Facebook, what comes up? Related results and businesses just like in Google search engine. 

You can think of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as their own type of “search engines.” The profiles that are related to the search, have recent content and show they are a real business will show up over others. 

Local SEO importance 

There are a couple of different ways that social media profiles and search engine optimization strategies help with local search. At OMG Austin, our Austin SEO professionals, will tell you there is a mixture of strategies to help with local search. 

The first is targeting those local keywords on Google’s search engine. Once you start capturing local keywords organically make sure to add some SEO and social media into the mix. 

PPC ads will capture local keywords faster. PPC ads should always link back to a landing page on the website and a social post should be published out with a link to this landing page. All of these strategies work together. 

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