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What is LEAN UX?

When it comes to building and designing websites, any web developer, Austin TX knows there are a couple elements needed and one of these is user experience (UX).  This is nothing new in the web developer, Austin TX world at OMG Austin. However, there is a new concept out there when it comes to UX. and that is  LEAN UX.

What is LEAN UX

First thing first, what is UX? UX is the feeling a customer gets while using a product, in this case, this is a website or an app. This deals with the design and functionality of the website and app itself. Is it easy to navigate? Are the colors easy to read?

Can a client go from step to step on your website or app easily and understand what’s going on? If so, then this means UX is done properly.

This leads to LEAN UX.

LEAN UX is part of the UX design and web developer family, but has a different delivery method. This is a common method we use at OMG Austin, agile development. This kind of development is where LEAN UX is most frequently used. This means the entire team and clients collaborate with one another. It has the same end goal as UX, but involves a few more members of the team and the clients.

How is it used?

This is used in our typical process. First thing that happens is an assessment of the current website, if there is one, and the wishes of the client. A survey is filled out and a meeting with brainstorming happen to get the project requirements and wishes the client is looking for. This is the first step in LEAN UX. How can we change functions or create functions to bring the best experience? Once the initial requirements are gathered, this is where the design methods and development starts to happen.

This is where the original client needs and wants start to be taken into consideration. If they’re looking for this, how can we bring this to life and give users the best experience? Each step of the way, the client is there for feedback and suggestions and the web design and graphic design team are working together testing it along the way.

From here, the front end code is started that creates the LEAN UX process. This means creating features and functions that work with what the client has given for feedback and what each team believes would be the best for clients and their customers. From there, an evaluation happens to see how the research from the client and group meetings is working.

Finally, once the research, design and development is functional and meets the clients needs, this is where web developer, Austin TX presents the website to the client. The website should show the functionality and bring their ideas to life through the design and coding.

So, in our world LEAN UX is exactly what we are doing when creating your website. A step-by-step process done with research, hypothesis, design methods and more in mind.


At OMG Austin, we use LEAN UX methods in all our website and mobile application development projects. Stick with the best web developer, Austin TX with us! 

For the best LEAN UX methods, contact the leading web developer Austin TX!

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