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What is social proof?

What is social proof?

Our digital marketers have been speaking about Popeyes and following the chicken sandwich battle that has been happening the last week. Our marketers thought the sandwich would last longer, but sadly, they sold out. WE NEVER GOT TO TRY IT. 

This is social proof in the works at one of the leading marketing firms in Austin Texas. 

What is social proof?

Social proof is word of mouth marketing in 2019. Social proof is the notion that consumers will adapt behaviors based on what they see others doing. Basically, if a consumer sees hundreds of other people attending this restaurant opening, they will have serious FOMO and go ASAP. This helps to illustrate to brands how others in their industry are dominating the market. 

Social proof is not a new concept in the marketing world; in fact, in 1951, an experiment was conducted to show the notion behind social proof. Solomon Asch conducted a study based behind the theory that people are more likely to follow the masses even if the notion is wrong. 

Asch’s research study showed this to be true. He used college aged students and divided the students into different lines. The college students started to notice that there was only one correct answer and started to conform to make sure their answer was ONLY this one. What was found out of this? No one wanted to be outcasted and everyone is stronger in groups. 

A perfect example that marketing firms in Austin Texas continue to fall back on is the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Kylie Skin is a cosmetic line by Kylie Jenner. Jenner is the perfect example of using social proof in her marketing efforts.

First thing first, this type of example of social proof is great. A five star rating with an all caps title and a very detailed explanation. This is new age social proof and testimonials. This is now our daily lives if you have a social media account. This type of marketing is even used in email marketing efforts now

Fast-forward to today’s world of digital marketing, marketing firms in Austin Texas can easily use social proof in their marketing strategies. 

Types of social proof

Why would a business, especially direct-to-consumer (D2C), should start to use social proof because it can help to increase sales. Yes, increase sales. This is how: 

  • 44.7% of women feel customers reviews influence their purchases

  • Referrals from friends account for 44.5% of sales

  • 88% of consumers trust online reviews from other consumers 

The example used above with Kylie Skin is a type of positive reviews and User Generated Content (USG). A consumer leaves a positive and honest review which will help other consumers make their final purchase of the product and the content is free to use. Kylie Skin has a plethora of USG content to use. The first thing more consumers search before making a purchase is other reviews. Why not just use your reviews? 

Another way is to tell a story. Accounts like WW, formerly known as WeightWatchers, often times uses consumer’s personal stories to help sell their products. This is storytelling 101. A short video or consumers explaining their story is storytelling. A photo that tugs on your heart strings, motivates you, create any type of real emotion out of the consumers is telling a wonderful story. A great way that WW uses storytelling is with Non-Scale Victories (NSV). These are testimonials and videos speaking about how WW has changed their lives beyond the number on the scale. 

A third way is using  influencers. This is the modern day celebrity endorsement of a product. This is because influencers have created a community who trusts them , and depending on the influencer, they are motivated because this person reminds them of themselves in a way. This person relates or resonates with their following in a certain way other influencers or brands cannot even begin to try. 

By starting to tap into social proof in this digital world, a business can start to help foster and create a community focused around their brand and business. Not sure how to do this? Call one of the leading marketing firms in Austin Texas!

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