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Email marketing, digital marketing and a website: how it all works together

As a leading digital marketing agency Austin, our clients often want to integrate email marketing with their digital marketing strategies. When this happens, there is SO much that goes behind that simple email marketing campaign that a client receives. This is how email marketing, digital marketing strategies and website development all work together to create the perfect campaign.

Email marketing

Email marketing is far from being dead! At OMG Austin, a number of clients ask for email marketing services to be implemented into their digital marketing plans. Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your target audience. This is because, at one point, you’ve gathered your interested audiences email addresses. Who better to send targeted promotions, offers and information to then those on an email marketing list.

Email marketing helps to boost sales, can build a stronger relationship with clients and help with website traffic. Those weekly, monthly, quarterly or specific campaigns can also be optimized with search engine optimization (SEO) strategies set in place. This is done with the best opportunities set in place by digital marketing experts and implementing these strategies.

One strategy that deals with email marketing and SEO is to take the content you wrote and turn it into a blog. This can help promote those services even more and create a better buzz. From there, the right digital marketing strategies should be set in place.

Digital marketing

The first step on the digital marketing side is to set up the best SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) strategies in place. The SEO strategy is having a professional find the best keywords and taking these keywords and optimizing content on the website.

These are two different types of search engine strategies working together.

Once these digital marketing strategies are set in place, social media management is up next. At OMG Austin, our marketers will tell everyone that having a digital presence is crucial. When someone is sending out an email campaign, it’s even more critical.

The campaign news and updates can reach an even larger audience with social media. An audience can go from 200 people to 2,000 people with the right hashtags and having a business on the right social platforms.

From there, this is where digital marketers and website developers work together.


Who knew that digital marketers and website developers would have to intermingle? We did. Once the goals of the email marketing campaigns have been addressed, the next step while marketers work on SEO and SEM, is having a landing page created.

The landing page is created specifically for an email marketing campaign with the ability to track analytics. All of these marketing and website development strategies work together to bring a cohesive campaign.

Let’s all work together

First, you create the landing page on your existing website. This landing page can be informational, a  press release or content specific to the email marketing campaign that has been launched.

This landing page is optimized with SEM strategies that are content and keyword heavy. The keywords are researched by digital marketing agency Austin for the best opportunities.

Once the content is optimized and the landing page has the needed information on it, it’s time to send out the campaign. These campaigns need a landing page before anything is sent out. This is because this email marketing campaign is specific to garnering the attention of a direct target audience.

From there, a similar message as the email campaign is shared on all social media platforms. The link that is used in the social media blast is the landing page that was created for the email marketing campaign.

From there, digital marketing agency Austin find the best hashtags, time to schedule the posts out and the best days.

All of this can be tracked by Google Analytics to see how much traffic was generated from the campaign and how many came from a social media platform.

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